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Monday, September 9, 2013

Home from Home in Francoperu

Yesterday saw the birth of our last cria this year, another Brown boy from Bodego, as yet unnamed.
The biggest of the year weighing in at 8.2 kgs.
As promised Sunday also brought the long awaited rain, in bucket fulls.  At one point there was even some sleet.  Typical just 10 minutes after his birth, not even dry, he got soaked.
Thankfully it didn't last long,  he soon dried off, just in time to put his cria coat on before the next down pour.
Although it has been alot cooler the last two weeks this has been the first good down pour we have seen for a long time  and frankly we  could do with a lot more.  All the paddocks are now brown and the animals are surviving on the winter hay ration.  In three weeks they have finished off a full roll of hay, that's half a tonne.  Thankfully , a local blog follower/alpaca owner has offered us two rolls that arrive tomorrow.  Despite my worrying all the cria are doing well and seem to have plenty of energy.  I suppose we should remember where these animals originally come from and that they are an animal that is used to making alot out of a little.  No doubt they feel quite at home here !    

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  1. Well ours should be ok then....we got a little mizzle during the night, a quick few minutes of hail on Sunday and that's it! The clouds appear...a few drops...everyone runs for shelter and...then it moves away!! Amazing how localised the weather is!