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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Series of Unfortunate Events

Its been a month to the day since I blogged, sorry folks, but I have a good excuse really.
Where do I begin, the last month has been like something from Lemony Snickets 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. It all started the day my Brother in Law and family left.  After a very long, hot dry summer,  where we have been screaming out for water, finally, on the day I took our family back to the airport, the rain arrived, and when I say arrived , it didn't arrive without making its presence well and truly felt.  Thunder and lightening like it was the day of reckoning.  As usual Steve rushed around the house pulling out all the plugs, television, computer, phone, dvd, etc etc;  Just as he had finished the most almighty lightening strike struck the house, a direct hit.  So strong that it almost threw Steve to the ground, he thought he was a goner.  This resulted in the computer being frazzled even though it was not plugged in, must have been the static.  24 hours later we realised it had also taken out the boiler, printer and satellite box.  It took 9 visits from the boiler technician, 3 visits from the computer technician and several visits to the insurance company before we felt we were on the winning side.  Funny how when your trying to claim on your insurance, all of a sudden, lightening strikes are neither a Climatic event nor a Natural Disaster, 'well what are they then ?  and why did you sell me a policy that didn't cover them  ?  Just when we thought we had rode that storm and were sailing into calming waters.  Steve slipped two discs in his back  last Sunday, so off to  Emergency we went and  that's were he has been ever since.   Thankfully, now folks he is greatly improved but these things take time and you know you men, you don't like being out of action, it reminds you of your age.
Steve couldn't have picked a worse time to be away from the farm.  This time of year Quelvehin becomes a blanket of leaves and shell casing of one kind or another.  I just keep closing my eyes and pretending they are not there.  Oh well one good thing, at least Jake is now back from his Holiday of a lifetime with his brother in Mexico.
Knuckles, camouflaged against the leaves,

Kizzy collecting them , why do my cria always look like haystacks ?

This time of year is also mushroom season, and all manner of stuff is coming up.

above Parasol mushrooms, good eaters

I like to walk around the field everyday pulling up any mushrooms no matter what, and I am glad I walked the cria field today.
Amanita Muscaria deadly poisonous, not something you want growing in your alpaca field !!
The cria are all coming along well know and I have started giving them their own feed in the adjoining field.  Its amazing how quickly they get the hang of waiting in the field for all the adults to go rushing in the feeding pen so you can shut the gate for them to eat in peace.  Now four out of the eight have got a taste for the hard stuff.
We have just hatched our third batch of chicks , six of them, here they are looking cute.  Jake has called them 'the Nuggets' get it ?!! chicken !
Well its Sunday night and after a visit to the hospital and preparing dinner, and fulfilling my blogging duties,  think its about time to open a bottle,


  1. Oh poor Steve! Give him our love and tell him to make the most of the least he'll be getting 4 star treatment here in a French hospital.

    Lovely to see Kizzy doing well...even with the leaf blanket.

    1. Yes Judi can't complain there, they are brilliant. Another MRI today as the doctors are in dispute as to what to do. He hopes to be home by the weekend as its the Moto GP final !!

  2. Sounds as though you have had a tough time. Hope you reach calmer waters and things get less stressful. I love seeing your pictures of the alpacas and your beautiful fields. Wishing you all well, Kate Harris

    1. Thanks Kate looking forward to seeing you at Easter - Pity you're not here now for your alpaca experience :-)

    2. Well, I have to admit, my instinct was to jump on a ferry .... I have to confess that this is partly due to the fact that we have just had a sudden visitation from our friendly Osted folk. I'm sure it must be really tough running your own business. We do love seeing your alpacas on line, they are very calming and we really look forward to seeing you next Easter. You can find Cesson Sévigné town site on line. It's very calm and full of flowers, sporty too. Hope things are recovering well. KH

    3. Hope you are all OK after the terrible storm last night. Quite stormy here in SW London, but not as bad as NW France. We are due to come out on 31 Dec to Cesson Sévigné. Kate Harris

  3. Everything always ends with "Time to open a bottle".