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Monday, January 6, 2014

Wet, Wet, Wet 2014

Oh what a wonderful time we are all having, slipping and waddling through the mud and battling with the wind.  After having one of the driest summers ever since arriving here in France, when we were praying for  a few showers to refresh the fields , we are now experiencing what must be the wettest and muddiest winter ever.  Not that we are alone, I see from English television that there are many suffering  worse as the wet weather sweeps across Europe.
Quimperlé flooded twice in the last three weeks.

. Here in Brittany rivers have burst their banks with QuimperlĂ© and Morlaix worst affected.  Down in Pontivy the main road through the town has been closed for the last three days as the River Blavet could cope no more ,   -   and still the water just seems to keep coming.  Christmas Eve saw water streaming through the kitchen  on its way down to the bottom of the valley.  Luckily by 2.00 am Christmas morning it had stopped and we got up to a dry kitchen and the smell of turkey cooking in the oven.  That was something anyway.
Christmas dinner thankfully without wellingtons !

Steve’s health has much improved although he is still not up to full speed and has to be very careful , he is no longer suspected of having a tumour and will be starting steroid injections shortly.  So it was just me waddling in the mud on my 54th birthday.  Yes 54 this week,  and boy do I feel it at the moment (this is where you say ‘well you don’t look it Jayne !!’) - where did my life go !
 The alpacas look quite frankly abysmal,  they never look good this time of year, the  cria always do their best to get as much hay as possible in their fleeces in preparation for the forth coming show season,  but this year its not just the cria, the whole herd are practically unrecognisable. 
Quelvehin Kane - what a mess !
 The suri’s seem to look the worse, their silky locks replaced by dripping rats tails !   The white studs now looking like grey one’s.

All but one of the cria are now eating feed and tucking into the sugar beet, that they love,  Knuckles still doesn’t seem to realise the food is for him as well.  He is doing better than any of the others despite the lack of fresh grass and feed, I wish he would give it a go and give his Mum, Bodega a bit of a break.

They know now to hang around in the field until the others have gone into the pen, then they get their special rations.
Our six Chicken Nuggets are now down to two, it was very strange, the other four just wasted away and died,  they just seemed not to want to eat unless the big mummy bird (Steve) told them too, it was hard work, telling chicks to eat all the time.  The two that are left have become a little too domesticated and follow Steve around.  ‘Puppie’ seems to have excepted that we have two chicks running around outside the back door, either that or he is waiting until we have fattening them up enough so they are worth eating.  Why have Nuggets when you can have Chickens.
After the bad luck we have had over the last three months I was looking forward to getting 2013 out of the way,  what with lightning strikes, health problems, losing the diamond out of my precious diamond ring two days before the end of the year, surely it must stop there I thought, but no.  On the way back home, New Years day, after spending a lovely evening with Andrew and Lynsey at English Why Not,  driving again in heavy rain, someone smashed into my lovely Mercedes, couldn’t believe it, 2014 started off as 2013 had left.  Thankfully not my fault to the relief of our insurance agent !
I hope this blog finds you all home and dry and wish you all a very happy 2014.



  1. Hello, hope you are feeling better. Just had a look at your links. Did you know that English Why Not has been hacked by something unpleasant. Not your fault, you may wish to let the site owners know - sorry. So sorry about all your wet weather and other difficult stuff, hoping spring brings sunshine and flowers. Best wishes, Kate Harris


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