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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok.(thankfully)

The more astute amongst you would have noticed that we are now a bi-lingual website.
Many thanks to No 1 son for doing the French translation pages, an excellent job” comme d’habitude” or at least I trust it is!
Josh is currently studying and teaching French, English and Spanish in Mexico, and translates documents to help towards his university fees. You can email him via the link at the bottom of the French pages.
Work continued outside today clearing the land to create another paddock to accommodate extra alpacas next year. This included removing an avenue of very old, very large and somewhat unstable trees.
Now, we have had a pretty shitty couple of weeks what with Bali yesterday, two car repair bills, and two gite cancellations to name but a few things. Jayne said we were due some good luck. And it came this afternoon. Big time!
We had felled half a dozen trees that were growing out of a bank and Steve was uprooting the root balls with the digger. I was watching at a distance admiring the dexterity and skill of operator and machine, when a bloody great oak tree we hadn’t touched yet, crashed to the ground with an almighty thud just a few yards behind me.
Well I guess that evens things out!
I went and changed my underpants and continued clearing up the debris.