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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Quickie

The holiday season is drawing to a close and the last of our guests leave tomorrow.
The alpacas have had plenty of walks through the woods. The chickens now, have all been named, and puppy can get back to knowing which house he is supposed to live in.
 We have lots of memories of people we have met and a few more friends made along the way. It would be to much to include everyone but here are a few of my favourite photos of the past few weeks.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

and finally.... 5

It had been peeing it down with rain all day long on Friday.
 Having given up on the numerous outside jobs that need doing by mid morning I had spent the rest of the day 'window shopping' the internet for a new car. It was quite by chance then that I had to give my square eyes a rest and went to glance out the window.
The view from the window by the computer looks out over the field at the back of the house, but because of the trees and the ruin of the old stone bread oven only about one third of it can be seen. So if the alpacas are anywhere other than the bottom left hand corner,  you can't see them.
It was fortunate then that right in this closest corner to the house Kalhua (the three legged one) had chosen to go into labour.
"Oh no.., not now... please. It's bloody half six in the evening and it's bloody raining!"
There's nothing like an unwanted traipse into a soggy field to get a man cursing. So it was on with the dirty jeans,cagoule and wellies and don't forget the camera.
Within a matter of minutes it was all done and dusted. The cria was out. The rain miraculously stopped and all was well with the world.
It was obvious straight away the cria was black. My master plan was all coming good. The jewel in the crown and all that. This was the black girl we had been hoping for.......?

Bugger, it's a boy.
How close was that?,from a grey father not a bad effort.
 He's only a little squirt weighing in at five and a half kilos..It was another late night in the field shelter making sure everything was hunky dory.
I had to include the third photo in this montage because the others do nothing to scupper the rumour that Kalhua only has three legs.
And before anybody points it out; it's clearly a strange photographic genetic trait thats been passed on to the cria !