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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The future and what of it

Is it me or is the Internet a revolutionary invention ?  next to the wheel and the discovery of penicillin, it must be one of mans most life changing inventions.  Never before has humanity had the world at their fingertips.  I could, if I wanted, reserve a hotel the other side of the world, order flowers to be sent to Mum, find a flight to anywhere, research medical problems, find out any global exchange rate, translate any language and today locate two car seats for my young nephews visiting us next week, and all from the comfort of my own  armchair.   It took  approximately  3 hours after posting a Wanted ad on Anglo Info to locate two beautiful car seats from a lady who lives just 2 kms the other side of our village - like I said the world at our fingertips.

Cute hey !

I have  recently discovered Facebook, wow, how powerful is that ?, anyone who isn't yet connected, don't be Like I was, with your head in the sand.  It's fantastic.  I am now  totally addicted .  Only yesterday I was thrilled to see the alpaca twins born at Cedar House in Australia , both looking well along with their mother, apparently they weren't  aware the female was expecting twins , just found them when they got home, how wonderful is that.
I remember in 1966, world cup year, my grandfather having one of those new colour televisions, where the colour wasn't quite tuned in, and half the street coming around to watch England win the World Cup.  Strange to think how far we have come since then and what my grandparents , and their parents would think to this new internet thingy.  Even more, it's scary what man will invent before I leave the planet and long  after.  I hope it's something, to End all wars, feed the starving, cure cancer, stop crime, keep children safe and bring peace on earth, - now that would be an intention ! or a miracle