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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Another puppy left us today, it's starting to get sad now and dare I say starting to miss them!
Bye Rosie hope you have a nice life.

We did 90% of the alpaca chores we hoped over the weekend with just a spit-off remaining.
All was well, with just a few alarmingly long toenails. It's a strange thing how some hardly grow
at all whilst others seem to determined to take root!
Cochiti was her usual obstinate self and had to have a stiff talking to after planting Jayne on her
arse again. I'm afraid it was out with the tea towel to cover her eyes, and whispering sweet
nothings in her ear. It's seems to work and she calms down a bit.
Cochiti was better too!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quelvehin Alpacas?

Funny thing, although we're two puppies light the efficiency of the pre-wash programme in the dishwasher has improved and the chore of collecting up alpaca poo seems to be decreasing.
Two more reasons why you should all buy a weimaraner puppy!
Although the second one would only apply to alpaca owners of course, and ok,the first one's not that convincing either. But hey! Buy one anyway....They're lovely!

I'm sorry, I know this alpaca blog has been a bit lacking in the alpaca blogness department lately but our lives have been in some disarray since the arrival of the little critters.
We intend to have the whole alpaca herd in this weekend for routine checks and they could all benefit from a dose of vitamins and minerals this time of year as the grazing is not too good and the sunshine from which they derive their vitamin D is lacking.We also have a couple of microchips to inject and a pregnancy to confirm on a female before she is delivered at the end of the month.
So a busy weekend in store.

Oh, and 'Hello' to the Vino Duo,Marie & Al whoever you are. It's nice to know my ramblings are appreciated. Come and see the alpacas sometime, and bring a bottle.
You don't want a puppy by any chance, do you?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Proud new owners

Well it's two down and three to go. Our second girl left us today. Her new owners travelled three and a half hours from Le Mans to collect her.Don't know quite what happened to the photo below though.Looks more like a Great Dane with empty eye sockets than a weimaraner puppy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Off to the vets

The pups have now all had their vaccinations and micro chips installed.
My suggestion to the vet (who incidently I like) that he presented his partner (who I don't) with the invoice because it was due to his misdiagnosis we were having to do this, fell upon deaf ears. So begrudgingly I handed over the 416 euros,and, having made my feelings clear (for what it was worth!)started the fun journey home. The roads were pretty treacherous with a good covering of snow and ice and having five howling mutts determined to escape from their cardboard boxes in the cab of a pick-up added an extra dimension to the challenge!
Anyway, we are down to four tomorrow.'Lucky' (Mimi) is going to her new home in Guemene where I suspect she is destined to be the most spoilt dog in Brittany!
I have again this week been in talks with Identichip uk where Meg was registered and they still have no reports of her chip number being lost and all attempts to contact the registered owners have come to nothing, so the process of transferring the ownership to us is now in place. After a couple of hours in the snow,competition to sit nearest fire starts in earnest!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowing Again

God it's cold. Yesterday I couldn't break the ice on the water butts,even a full blown stamp from the trusty Rigger boots didn't leave so much as a dent! so it was trundling back and forth with boiling water from the kitchen all morning. Hay feeders all replenished and puppy poo picked up just about left enough time to build a snowman.
Congratulations to Baptiste at La Jardinerie Simorin on his aquisition of Bar-Lowenna & Honey (last photo) We wish him well in his venture.