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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

canine contemplations

"You know,it's not a bad life,this being a dog lark. My plan for total world dominance is slowly taking shape. I've gotten rid of mother.Moved her in to the old folks home across the way.Well, she was getting a bit too much attention for my liking. Cramping my style you see. The old fart of a setter is no bother.I can be at the scraps bowl before his arthritic old legs have lifted him off the carpet. And as for the cat? well he hasn't been near the house for six months since I gave him a 'seeing to'.
I've just got this new settee too.Leather don't you know.Not new, but it'll do.Just my size,as long as they sit on the floor. Apparently it's easier for them to clean after I've sprawled on it. And sprawl on it I do! Well you see, I've chewed enough shoes and stuff now they don't shut me in the utility room any longer so I've got free use of all furniture during the night. Well, until about four in the morning when I go up and jump on their heads in bed. It's a right laugh,they can't shut the bedroom door you see, due to the house falling down and it no longer fits in the frame.
Just need to sort the catering side a bit. Helped myself to a smashing pork loin the other week in a bid to demonstrate that, I too appreciate the finer things in life,but so far I'm still only getting dog type biscuits.
Well, it's getting late. He's off to bed now. I'll leave it a couple of hours and then I'll have one of my barking sessions where I pretend I've seen something. Always good for a bit of night time attention. woof woof."

Le Petit.

Whilst out clearing the usual autumnal tree debris from the fields this morning I snapped a few quick cria pics. The first is Heidi who is an exact mini replica of her mother.
This is Hendrix. Sporting the best fleece of this years bunch despite the black band right round his belly
The lovely Hannah, daughter to Evita and Atlas. A beautiful solid dark fawn.
"Tiny Tim" little light fawn Harvey. Only 5kilos at birth but going like a good un .
Hendrix again. What a cracking head!
Heidi and some leaves.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Popham visit and a dog leaves home

Well, we are back from our annual holiday.A long weekend at Popham Alpacas in Cornwall. Always a treat even if it is a bit of a 'busmans holiday'.
With a herd of over 100 alpacas there is never a dull moment and we spent a lot of time looking over their results of last years matings,with a certain degree of envy.We were hoping to bag ourselves some coloured females,and spent a lot of time pondering it over pints of real ale down at the local.
If there's one thing we're lacking in France it's 'proper' beer!( and black alpacas). (two things)
oh,and lemon curd,marmite,and custard cream biscuits.
We were fortunate to have Judy to' house sit' for us whilst we were away. even if she did manage to lose two boys within an hour of us leaving!
She did a sterling job. Way beyond the call of duty and in pretty dire weather conditions too. You can read her blog story at
So it's back to business as usual.The leaves are starting to fall and the spiky chestnut casings are a nightmare to try and get out of Suri fleeces.I can see many days of raking ahead.

Meg, my beautiful weimaraner bitch that wondered into our lives about a year ago has decided it's time to move on and has chosen to live in a big manor house over the other side of the forest. She has had a wander lust ever since the puppies didn't need her any longer and having no boundary here it was difficult to stop her roaming. After a couple of months of fetching her back we have given in and have agreed to let her stay there.Her new owners are besotted with her,and whilst I was annoyed at first as she was clearly enticed to stay with treats and her own bowls and bed etc.. She has since had the opportunity to come home but seems increasingly settled there.
She was a beautiful dog,but like a lot of beautiful women,fickle and a heartbreaker.
We still have one of her pups,and still called 'puppy' (we really ought to think of a proper name now) who I think is partly responsible for her leaving as he has become more and more dominant over her.
I'm sure I'll grow to love him too, once he stops eating my bloody shoes!