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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wet and wonderful weekend.

The last cria of the year finally arrived on Friday. A beautiful fawn girl for Alibrandi ,and for the first time this year I was witness to the occasion.
She caught us on the hop a bit as we were in the middle of doing a couple of matings one of which was outside the mating pen with the alpacas on lead ropes so it was a bit awkward to drop everything and attend,but as Atlas seems to go at it for about an hour these days and won't be interrupted for anything we were safe to leave them to it for a while!
Fortunately it was a text book birth and baby was soon feeding.
Weighing in at just over 10 k if it is anything like her last cria she will be 50 kilos in no time at all. Alibrandi seems to be blessed with the udder of a fresian cow and there is no shortage at the milk bar.

It was just as well everything went smoothly because we were due to go out later that afternoon to stay overnight with friends.We were exibiting at an agricultural show on the Saturday with some of the males,and as it was a bit of a trek decided to break up the journey and stay over at la Grand-Mere with Ron and Judi. who were also going.
Once the boys were unloaded and settled in for the night it was down to the local for a few jars and some very welcome fish and chips. The bar was English owned and called the 'Pitstop' as the owner was a bit of a racing driver and also owned the garage attached to the bar with a small forecourt and two petrol pumps just outside the bar entrance. The heinous crime of smoking was not permitted in the bar but was socially acceptable outside the door...........
Next to the petrol pumps.
Hmmm Is it me ? or has the world gone mad.    
  Best not go there.
Saturday morning came and the stalls were set up at the comice and we soon discovered we didn't have the most exotic camelids at the show.!

The sky in this picture really tells the rest of the story. We had battled against the wind all morning blowing the products and information boards etc.. off the stand but when the rain came in the afternoon it was horizontal and all too much to bear. We decided to give it up as a bad job and called it a day!