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Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy new year

Winter finally has arrived  after weeks of balmy unseasonable warm wet stuff we are now breaking the ice on water butts and crunching through the frost again.
The alpacas have cleaned up well and look all nice and fluffy again apart from the cria whose long fine fleeces seem to hold onto every bit of fallen hay and debris. It's funny but you can always tell the better fleeced cria this time of year. There the ones that look the biggest mess!
Our year has started with quite a dent in the herd as we delivered six girls and a boy to pastures new at the weekend.
It's always a mix of emotions at theese times between a healthy injection to the bank balance and parting with animals you have helped into the world and nurtured along the way.
That's the trouble with alpacas.Too damned adorable!

 Well there they go, all safely installed with a new set of paddock pals.
Best wishes to Gwen & Ginni at Alpagwenn