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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hoorah, I think Fleur has finally grown up. She has been the biggest baby in the field for ages. Absolutely refusing to leave the milk bar despite being weaned twice! and is now the same size as her mother.There's no milk there. I've checked,it seemed to be a sort of comfort dummy.
We haven't seen her attempt to suckle since returning from Vierzon.,so maybe her few days away made a difference.
Pity there wasn't a biggest baby class at the show she would have got supreme champion!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dogblog 2

"New dog" now has a name. It's Meg,and shes made herself right at home. As you can see she's very fond of me.Not content with following me outside all day,we now have to watch TV together. Shaft (old dog) is on the floor just out of shot giving her a look that says "stupid tart, grow up".
What I wouldn't give for that colour and shine in an alpaca!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


"What are you doing Atlas?" "Sshh, I'm playing dead."
"So how do you do that then?"

"There's somebody coming. Just copy me."

"That's the way sunshine,learn from the master!"

Saturday, October 10, 2009


For some weeks now we have been following the progress of this gorgeous Wiemaraner bitch that turned up at a friends house one day.She has obviously just had puppies and was seemingly abandoned.Unable to trace any owners,our friends,who already have three dogs needed a foster home for her,and well, I couldn't resist.We agreed to have her on a two week trial,and so far she has been fantastic.She walks well on or off the lead comes to a call and is absolutely no bother. Our main concern of course was how she would interact with the alpacas,and whilst she is curious at the fence so far hasn't taken it any further.The alpacas on the other hand have been shreiking like crazy with Newdog stalking the perimeter. "Newdog"has been her name for the last two days until we think of something permenant."Old dog" however is not best pleased with the new arrival at the moment and has definately got the hump!

Shaft this evening was unavailable for comment!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here are a few show pictures from the weekend

Belinda from White Mountain
Enid,Robin and Glorias Boy (the can of coke is mine,the cup is Robins!)


The star for us. Fanny-Ann

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

European Alpaca show. Vierzon, France. 2009

It was all set to be a disaster as the Mitsubishi started playing up with intermittent fuel problems two weeks ago, ending in a total breakdown last Monday. In true French style the garage rushed to our aid and collected the vehicle three days later! Too late it seemed to attend the show.Luckily Gary and Felicia from Popham Alpacas who were also planning to go agreed to tow the animals down for us if need be.Then at zero hour on the Thursday evening Monsieur Huet called to say it was fixed.
We collected it,spent an hour beating the dust out of some very dirty alpacas, and, with the veterinary inspection over we were ready to roll.
The six hour trip passed without incident and within minutes of being unloaded the alpacas were munching happily on the hay completly unfazed by the journey.This was more than could be said for us. Too tired to go to the conference on alpaca fibre,we opted for the bar and restaurant instead.
The show the next day was well attended with many exhibitors from other countries including Belgium,Switzerland and Australia.The French turnout however was a little lacking with possibly some breeders saving themselves for the Pompadour show in two weeks time. Us 'Bretons' held our corner well with Enid from Briezh Alpacas and Robin and Linda of Utopian Alpacas both showing well and getting placed, including supreme champion suri for Utopian with Don Quixote a fantastic fawn from their own Silken Lad.
As for us. Atlas, our Black Huacaya stud male took first place in the Adult Black class and went on to take Reserve Champion Black Huacaya for the second year running His fleece entry also won the silverware (well alright,plastic ware) for us. Scoring top marks for colour and consistency, without a single white fibre.
Angove,Fleur and Felicia all claimed second place rosettes in their classes,with Eldoret coming third in the Suri adult class behind the two Moonsbrook males co-owned by Pure-suri-alpacas.
Our most pleasing result though has to be Quelvehin Fanny-Ann our junior white female huacaya from Popham Bella and bred to Popham Alamo who took first place against some stunning and well travelled alpacas in a notoriously competitive class. Made even more pleasing considering we nearly missed it after being sent out of the ring due to a cock-up on my part giving an incorrect date of birth which we clarified just in time to be re-assessed!
Needless to say we were delighted with our efforts and have learnt a lot during the course of the week-end and have made a few more friends and acquaintances from many far flung corners of the world.
We missed out on the raffle prize of a free mating to Bozedown Pernod by one number,the winner being Jacques Olivier. Jacques and I were queued at the same time for a ticket and he let me go first.So,good manners paid off! Now he'll have to buy some alpacas! Oh, and well done to Gabi for winning her own box of walnuts!
Thanks to Marie-Genevieve and the alpaga developpement team,and to the judge Jill Macleod for all their efforts in putting it together. Great show. See you next year.