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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matings and mugshots

With all the cria now out of the danger zone and developing their own little personalities it's time to turn our attention to re-mating a few mums for next years crop. All the first timers were done a few months ago and all seem to have taken.
We are fortunate to have two great Popham stud males to chose from as well as our own, but there is one youngster we are really keen to get working. It's his time, He's old enough, but frustratingly he's never really been interested in girls.
His name is Popham Ambersun Solomon. Born at the Ambersun stud in Adelaide Australia, now owned by Popham Alpacas and on loan to us. He's a cracking looking solid fawn and winner of the fawn championship at the international alpaca show at Bourges earlier this year.

We've been letting him watch the experienced boys at work the last couple of times and there was a little spark of interest just beginning to show.
So with two matings to do this week, one with Atlas and the other with Colombus and with Bella ready to mate as well this was our best chance to get him going. Bella is, well, how can I put it?, An easy lay,shall we say. She sits ready at the mere sight of a male. Just what a shy boy needs.
A special triple mating area was erected. Atlas one end . Colombus the other, and Solomon was put in the middle of the orgle sandwich with Bella sat waiting. It had to work.

Everything went to plan to start with and Solomon looked all set to lose his virginity as he proudly took his girl.
Unfortunately despite my best efforts to help in with his directions it was all over too quickly.
( Oh, c'mon we've all been there!) 
Confused and embarrassed in front of his mentors either side he decided a little role reversal was in order and sat for Bella instead.
Bella, unable to hide her dissapointment, gave her best 'stupid boy' look and explored the possibilities of changing pens.

But it's a start! at least.We are slowly running out of time and options but fingers crossed we'll try again next week.. We will have Solomon babies!

Had some time to look over the cria this evening. The fleeces do seem to change alot,so not picking any winners just yet.  Here's a few mug shots.

Jonah, son of Equador. Wouldn't say boo to a goose. Soft as tripe. Bit of a wet weekend.

 Jazz, daughter of Atlas, Approachable but crafty. Accomplished milk thief and getting fat on it.

Janine, daughter of Columbus, Perhaps the best fleece of the bunch. Beginning to moan about everything  just like her mother.

Jamaica, daughter of Horizon, Absolutely adorable bundle of fun. Fast becoming my favourite,and I don't care for greys!

Jupiter, son of Fellipé Grand name for a little squirt. May have to get some sticky tape for the ear kinks