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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hey Ho Lets Go !

One of the disadvantages about living the dream is not being able to spend enough time with family, so this week it has been a real pleasure spending time with our two young nephews,  Digory and Atticus.  Being city toddlers animals don't feature much in their day to day lifes,  not even a dog in their house.  As we pulled up into the yard, after picking them up from the airport, my sister in law suddenly announced, ' oh forgot to say, they scream when they see any animals ! and right enough, the sight of chickens wandering around the yard and 'Puppies' rather verbal welcome, brought tears and screams - what was this hell on earth that Mum and Dad have brought us to.  It took two days until they realised the chickens meant them no harm, four days for the alpacas , but 'puppie' was never really that well received. 
Their speech is at that amusing stage when they just pick up a phase and use it at every available opportunity whether relevant or not, and brings a smile to your face.  They were a delight and a welcome distraction from the day to day routine.
Here are a few pictures of their day on the beach.
Yummy ...  crunchy sand sandwiches !
                                            Hey Ho Lets Go for an ice cream
The house now seems very quiet without them and our youngest son Jake, who yesterday left to visit his brother for a month in Mexico with his girlfriend.  He has told his brother, ' this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me' - I  do hope he is not disappointed !