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Saturday, October 10, 2009


For some weeks now we have been following the progress of this gorgeous Wiemaraner bitch that turned up at a friends house one day.She has obviously just had puppies and was seemingly abandoned.Unable to trace any owners,our friends,who already have three dogs needed a foster home for her,and well, I couldn't resist.We agreed to have her on a two week trial,and so far she has been fantastic.She walks well on or off the lead comes to a call and is absolutely no bother. Our main concern of course was how she would interact with the alpacas,and whilst she is curious at the fence so far hasn't taken it any further.The alpacas on the other hand have been shreiking like crazy with Newdog stalking the perimeter. "Newdog"has been her name for the last two days until we think of something permenant."Old dog" however is not best pleased with the new arrival at the moment and has definately got the hump!

Shaft this evening was unavailable for comment!

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  1. I am loving the pictures particularly that of Shaft - keep up the good work.