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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Le Petit.

Whilst out clearing the usual autumnal tree debris from the fields this morning I snapped a few quick cria pics. The first is Heidi who is an exact mini replica of her mother.
This is Hendrix. Sporting the best fleece of this years bunch despite the black band right round his belly
The lovely Hannah, daughter to Evita and Atlas. A beautiful solid dark fawn.
"Tiny Tim" little light fawn Harvey. Only 5kilos at birth but going like a good un .
Hendrix again. What a cracking head!
Heidi and some leaves.

1 comment:

  1. They are all lovely but the photo of Heidi doesn't do her justice! What a sweetie she is...if I could have slipped her into the boot of my car when I was "alpaca-sitting", I would have done! She and Dinadin...just the cutest alpacas those two are!

    Your cria look very clean, unlike the cria at La Grand-Mere who are sporting leafy Autumn jackets at the moment so photos will have to wait!