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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dog blog 3 "The truth"

So I said to this vet "Look, we've been offered this dog.It's a stray,probably abandoned,but I think it's pregnant. Before we take it on can you confirm it's condition?

He said. "Bah Oui Monsieur it is true zis dog as zer big titties but zer is no milk and I sink zer is no babies in er. She as ad zem already!"

Or something like that.

So readers I don't know who's the biggest plonker,Him, or me for believing him.

Meg went missing yesterday evening and I found her this morning in the old goat house with five little extras.I must admit my initial reaction was "Oh shit, just what I need right now."

But they are adorable (I know, ALL puppys are adorable) and remarkably appear to be 100% Weimaraner. I have this evening looked on several professional breeders websites and the puppys are identical.This should at least make finding homes for them easier.

Maybe there is a silver lining to this story and she's sitting on a fortune. I'll keep you posted!

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