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Monday, March 1, 2010

It never rains but it pours.

Following the tail-end of the hurricane storm that devastated the Vendee and Atlantic coast of France this weekend we found ourselves once again mopping up. The rain soaked land could absorb no more and the only way was up. Through our kitchen floor again.
Fortunately the emergency drain I put in the house after last years episode worked, up to a point, in that it took the water straight out of the house again. But there was a problem in the old land drains outside. A bit of digging was required to release the build up and it was soon flowing like a stream.

It's still flowing now after 24 hours. Into the house,out of the house and down the field!
So its a 20 metre trench to dig tomorrow and a new land drain pipe to make a proper job of it.
I'm really looking foward to it, as you can imagine.
And if anybody else reminds me I'm living the dream in France especially after these last couple of weeks they could be on the receiving end of those drain rods !

Another alpaca left us today. Quelvehin Flynn, our first 'Quelvehin born n bred'' to be sold, so something of a small milestone for us. He's gone to live in Bayeux where it's probably a lot drier and I don't blame him!

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