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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All in a days work

Sometimes life's not so bad. I can remember in a former life Mondays being a bit of a drag.This Monday was just how a days work should be. Nice early start in glorious sunshine, load the mighty Atlas into the trailer and hit the road. He had a rendezvous at Le Grandmere alpacas with a couple of ladies desperately in need of a little lovin'.
Whilst Atlas was at work Ron and Judi,as always, laid on a fantastic lunch and we sat on the terrace and supped wine all afternoon.
It certainly beats plasterboarding, one of my other ongoing jobs at the moment,and it's more profitable!
We did put the wine glasses down at some point in the afternoon to take a proper look at their cria. The results of last years Quelvehin couplings,and quickly fell in love with a certain white female.
Meet Blossom. Very,very white,and very fine, but it was the ears folks,incredible ears. Never have I seen such thick fluffy ears! Totally adorable.
It wasn't too many glasses later a deal was struck and she was 'earmarked'(no pun intended) to join the Quelvehin breeding program.


  1. She's an absolute sweetie so it will be lovely to be able to keep in touch with her...meanwhile we'll enjoy watching her playing with the others...all are delightful to us...even that miscreant "Billy Whizz"!!

  2. The Quelvehin herd grows. Looking forward to seeing you guys at the end of the month. I'm "golfing" near Dinard this week so may give you a call between rounds (of golf). Don't wait up though!!!!