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Monday, November 29, 2010

Blimey! Winters arrived. A bit too early for my liking.
This was the scene we woke up to yesterday.
It was minus eight degrees first thing this morning and all the car doors were welded shut. I had to detach the trailer from the car in order to take Jake to school but only after wrapping the hitch in a woollen shirt with a hot water bottle to release it!
I had hoped to replace some broken rotten fence posts this week but there's no way I can get a spade in the ground at the moment.
Not that I was particularly looking forward to digging holes but it would have been a welcome break from picking up leaves which at this time of year is never ending.
Hope it clears up for the weekend or our 'open day' could be a closed shop.!


  1. Hopefully we'll make it to you OK, then I wouldn't mind being snowed in for a few days before returning. Make sure you have plenty of beer just incase.

  2. Well it's now looking the same over here this evening and coming down heavily...thought we'd missed it! Hope it all disappears as quickly as it's arriving and...all we'll see you at the weekend.