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Monday, February 21, 2011

A womans work is never done.
Especially now I'm doing it!
As I'm not supposed to be doing anything strenous for a few weeks,including poo picking (too much bending up and down) hooray! I've had to busy myself around the house.Cleaning,cooking and ironing.and all that girlie stuff.
Cleaning is a thankless task as we have a woodburning stove constantly running over the winter.It keeps the place nice and cosy but at the same time seems to cover everything in dusty ash.
Ironings ok but those big sheets are a bit of a bitch. Cooking I can manage as long as I take three times as long over it as is really necessary.
And if you needed proof here is a rather scrummy chicken & mushroom pie and three jam tarts which weren't so good if I'm honest. Jam came out and went everywhere.

I've also started the halter training this week as that requires little effort,only patience and an understanding of how an alpaca thinks.
Hendrix and Heidi picked it up very quickly but Hannah is still very nervous and is going to take a little longer.

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  1. Well Steve...the trouble is that you just need to keep practising! Us womenfolk have had years of doing those mindless tasks! The thing is, we have got the required organisational skills to undertake all those tasks... plus poo-picking, halter training etc! We do still need a man build shelters, gates etc and shift the really heavy stuff, although without the ironing, cooking and cleaning...who knows, maybe we could turn our hand to those as well?!!

    In spite of the did prepare a super lunch for us on the felting course, so you're clearly learning!