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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Indiana Jones raider of the lost virgins

This blog is becoming dreadfully out of date. Don't seem to find the time at the moment.
Sad news first. Our suri that was breaking the gestation records was doing it for good reason. Her cria had died inside her.Reason unknown. We suspected something was wrong some time ago and got the vet to take a look at her.Although I voiced my suspicions being unable to feel anything moving, he wasn't concerned and treated her for colic.
Anyway I won't dwell on the whole fiasco,suffice to say I think we need to find a new vet. Nuff said.
We were,however rewarded with a different suri cria the same week. A cracking little girl. Not ours unfortunately but born to one of Pophams alpacas living here. After an initial rejection problem as sometimes happens with first time mums we managed to force them to love each other and are now inseperable.

out she comes

temporary 'get to know each other pen'

mum and daughter today

She is a gorgeous coffee colour and has been named cappuccino until we are instructed otherwise.
As for our lot they are growing on well with one boy imparticular growing on a bit too well! More on that later.
Here are some pics of the Columbus cria.

Ieesha,Izzam and Imran

Izzam and Imran
Ieesha and Imran
Sorry a bit short on Izzams, another Imran!

Well that's all the "whiteys" sorry they're not the best photos in the world. Still getting used to this new camera.

Right. Remember this chap?

Indiana. The most amazing cria ever. The jury is still out on his colour classification. For the most part he is a rose grey but does have areas of just brown. His sire is black( Atlas ) and his mum a dark fawn.
He was running within minutes of being born,was eating grass at three days old, is now almost twice the size  as the others, and at 2 WEEKS OLD decided he was the new stud male at Quelvehin.

I kid you not. He pesters the females all the time trying to get them down and anyone who wants to sit and chew the cud a while soon finds themselves the subject of unwanted attention! He's got all the moves and even a little cria orgle!

He's not winning many friends though and is becoming a constant source of irritation. I look to his mum sometimes during these performances and I swear she looks slightly embarrassed.
Atlas,no doubt takes a different view.



  1. Really enjoyed catching up on the blog and the photos, especially Imran (no apologies required!) is funny how some mums do appear embarrassed by the inappropriate behaviour of their sons!

  2. Those three little Columbus years progeny winners??? As for Indiana...Heidi looks like a willing partner but please remind him that she too is still "underage"! Chica and Bonheur say please not that little upstart when you bring your boys at the weekend...they want a men not boys!!

  3. With Steve's record at shows what's the betting he gets the wrong "I" into the wrong class!!

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