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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Late night contemplations of the troublesome kind.

I have just been made aware of the recent and ongoing riots spreading through the major UK cities.
Yes, I know it started days ago but haven't watched any telly for a while.
Truely horrific images of buildings burning, town centres destroyed and shops looted. Why?!
How do you get to such a state of lawlessness.(if that's a word)?
I saw it coming. For twenty years England has been a role model of mis management.
The signs were there alright, they started when we prevented schools from disciplining pupils and therefore erroded respect that children have for any authority when they were just infants,and then we prevented parents from disciplining their children and reinforced the belief that they can coast through life with few consequences to their actions.We destroyed family values, choosing instead a diet of reality TV and violent video games. The latest cell phone is king. Social support networks  are in place that enable people to live comfortable lives without ever having to work, entirely supported on the state with no obligation to take any responsibility for their actions or their life. It gets worse every year as this underclass of undereducated, under disciplined irresponsible individuals continues to have more children born into a ghetto culture where underachievement is celebrated, criminality is glorified and parental responsiblities are ignored and abdicated to the state. Police forces are pared to the bone,their working disciplines making law enforcement nigh on impossible and at the end of it all judges are handing out derisory sentences. Where's the deterrent? ASBO's  CCTV? Political correctness is out of control. Gang culture is rife. Britian has become afraid of it's own children.
Unfortunately there's no easy fix.The disease is in it's latter stages.The damage is done.

 Anyway, I don't live there anymore so here's some pictures of Hennebont where we had a particularly enjoyable Sunday with the happy peasants of medieval Brittany.


  1. I agree, but there are many, many ill-disciplined French youths too, despite having perhaps the most stringent education system in the world. The 2005 riots were much worse than the current disorder in England. Granted, Hennebont is fairly peaceful, (although for me it holds no particular appeal whatsoever) but there are many places in France with even worse social conditions than England. #1 Son.

    PS. Yes, I know in Mexico drug cartels drown people in battery acid and hang them from bridges, so I'm not holding it up as an example.

  2. Very nicely summed up, absolutely spot on.
    Poobah to #1 son, we're with you and are waiting for time to pass!

  3. Steve, did you ever consider politics, we need you !!!
    Fortunatelty Cornwall is ( so far ) a different country.
    However I do agree with #1 son, I have seen some unpleasant sights in France.