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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here come the girls

After a quick dash back to Cornwall on Monday the new girls we bought in February are all now settled in at Quelvehin.

First up is Pretty Suki. 5yrs old. Soft as tripe.Pregnant and due in Sept. Our first ever grey female alpaca.


Next,her daughter Cherokee Kaluha, 2yrs old.Our 'almost black'. Very very dark brown.Pregnant and due in August, Nice dense fleece but unfortunately only one back leg.

Poachers Moon Bodega. Fawn,5yrs old.Pregnant daughter of Wessex Fantasia and Ambersun Alamo. 

 My favourite. Cherokee Tia Maria 2yr old dark fawn female. A stunning alpaca. Grand daughter of Jolimont Warrior and pregnant to Popham Equador.

And finally,the weanling Cherokee Snowdrift with so much head fluff we have had to cut holes for her eyes today.  A pedigree to die for and not a bad fleece.!

So there you have it .What you might call a mixed bag,and the result of shopping for blacks with no will power.!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely to see you both at LGM today! Now I can't wait to meet those new girls and delve into that lovely cria fleece!