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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stage de Tonte

It's been a long time coming but finally we have our very own worsted yarn to offer for sale.
18 kilos of home grown 70% huacaya 30%suri mix in four ply and double knit formats.
We are very pleased with the end product and the addition of a small amount of suri gives it a wonderful silky sheen.
It was spun for us in Cornwall by The Natural Fibre Company and watching the process was mind boggling.Machines for sorting,scouring, blending, carding even dying if you wished., all co-ordinated to run like clockwork.

What goes around comes around and we're only a week away from shearing again. Weather permiting we shall be doing the majority of the herd next weekend. But before then, Thursday 26th April we are holding our 'Stage de Tonte'. A day course to highlight the importance of correct shearing with demonstrations by Pascal Meheust along with shearer and B.A.S. Qualified judge Jay Holland who will be presiding over the days events,giving talks on fleece traits and stud selection amongst other things and hopefully benefitting everyone with his wealth of knowledge!
We decided to hold the course in association with Alpaga Developpement.It seems mainly for the benefit of new French breeders.There will be a translator on hand as so far 15 of the 18 places reserved are French..
I'm going to have another one of my headaches!


  1. Here's hoping that the rain we all longed for lets up in time for shearing! Not sure whether it's Jayne or Steven blogging but could take a Panadol for that headache!!

    Sorry we can't be with you on Thursday but hoping all goes well.