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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The black widow

Just back from a week in the UK where I picked up a new truck,all big and black and shiny.
Take a good look.It'll never be this clean again. It's a fact that men clean and polish new vehicles for the first couple of weeks and then loose interest. I've done it twice already!
It's just like the old one but posher and without all the squashed panels! This weeks job is to pinch some bits from the old one and get it Frenchy- fied and re-registered.


  1. Very nice, colour makes it look like a drug dealers car!!!!

  2. When I first saw the title I thought you were talking about a spider.

    (like the one whose remains are still on my wall as a deterrent to other would-be arachnid invaders)

    Although won't the fact that the steering wheel is on the other side be a problem?

  3. The black widows were a notorious gang of 15 year old wannabe bad-ass bikers that roamed the streets of East Goscote in the 70's.
    To be in the Black Widow gang you had to own a push bike with a playing card (or similar) held on the rear forks with a clothes peg in such a way that it drummed on the spokes as the wheel turned,thus giving the onlookers the illusion that you had a big V-twin motor throbbing between your legs. You also had to have a naff black leather jacket.The signature of initiation into this sect was a tattoo on each elbow (in biro,of course)of a spiders web. Members when meeting,instead of a nod or a slap on the back, or heaven forbid,a handshake,would duly roll up their sleeves and touch elbows.
    I know. I was one.
    Or did I dream it.
    If only I knew then that one day I would grow up to own a real drug dealers pimp mobile!