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Friday, April 30, 2010

Suivre la route de briques jaunes

Today's been one of those days when you are reminded you live in a foreign country,but a good day for tying up loose ends.My time was spent at the Hotel d'Impots (tax office) for a quittas fiscal then the Sous Prefecture to query requirements for the Certificate d'immatriculation.Got a Controle Technique and applied to the DREAL for a Attestation de Conformite.
Jayne meanwhile was sorting a query with the DSV concerning alpaca bruccelosis testing,wrote a couple of email letters in French and then did a ten minute interview for RBG a local radio station about life in Brittany with alpacas .
All Frenched out now! Need a dose of Coronation St or better still that 'Over the Rainbow' show of wannabe Dorothy's. How great is that! Ok I make no secret of the fact that I detest Graham Norton but there is something strangely compelling about the elimination process of the girls and the seemingly heartless way they are rejected.Andrew 'Lord' Webber (who seems to be turning into a caricature of himself) presides over the selection from his golden throne.
"Well Emily you polled the least votes,you are not as well liked as the others,we thought you were a bit crap, you'll have to go" they as good as said.
"But before you go, sing us a song"
So fighting back the tears and probably feeling absolutely wretched the poor thing gives us her rendition of the classic title song. A song that makes me go gooey at the best of times.
Well readers, I was filling up it's true. I had a secret blub.

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