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Sunday, May 2, 2010

DaVinci va chez Myriam

Da Vinci was delivered this afternoon to his new home at Kerporho. A sad day for Dinnadin, our favourite alpaca, as DV was his best mate. I'm sure we witnessed a tearful 'au revoir' at the gate as we led him away and Dinnas was still gazing over the fence looking for him when we returned.
Kerporho is a sprawling menagerie open to the public with all sorts of animals including an outdoor guinea pig village. There is a little cafe/tea shop and conference centre where we agreed to stage a spinning workshop from time to time.
Everything was beautifully kept and presented and DV was installed in his temporary enclosure of lush green grass, whilst we went to fetch his new partner from another part of the park.
Reglisse, a black female, whilst very calm and gentle was adamant she wasn't walking anywhere for anyone and after all attempts failed she was somewhat unceremoniously delivered to her new suitor in a wheelbarrow!
After a brief introductory sniff they both decided the abundance of grass was far more appealing than getting to know each other. Maybe tomorrow love will be in the air.

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