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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The cycling club visit

Earlier in the week Jayne announced she had taken a call from a cycling club that asked if they could stop off on route to look at the alpacas and maybe take a picnic on the farm.
Of course she said they would be welcome,and thought no more of it.
Imagine my surprise as I went to see what the the dogs were barking at this morning.Twenty five hairy arsed bikers were parking up and undoing themselves of all the gear that goes with motorbiking.
"Jayne" I called through the kitchen door "You're CYCLISTS are here! What are you like!"
We said our' bonjours' and then showed them around.The alpacas remained surprisingly calm throughout the ordeal considering they were surrounded on all sides by so much sweaty leather!
No,they were a great bunch, as bikers often are,and I should know being a 'Black Widow!'
They all seemed to enjoy their morning, especially when we made them coffee, and I luckily had an unopened bottle of Ricard to hand,which was pretty much polished off.
After making a generous donation to the Quelvehin coffers they were gone,and calm was once again restored.


  1. Heavens above. It's the Syston Social on your doorstep. #1 son

  2. I hope that you got your Harley out!