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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ever had one of those days?

This was supposed to be an account of our weekend at Vierzon where we attended the annual alpaca show once again. But it will have to wait.
During the weekend my mobile phone was playing up and now it's dead. Went to cut the grass. Battery flat on the ride-on. Went to charge the battery. Battery charger dead. Thought I'd download the weekend photos on to the computer. Cameras knackered. So no show pics at the moment.
On top of everything else we had an emergency with one of the alpacas this evening to deal with.
We had let them onto a parcel of land around our polytunnel this afternoon with some tempory fencing as a treat because the grass was long and lush. As we did the final check around eight o'clock before they settle for the night we found one of the boys choking and coughing and in some distress.
The shelter walls were all splattered with green gunge he was spitting up.Hastily I checked in his mouth and throat for any obstruction but could see nothing.The vet was called.
All the other boys seemed fine, but while waiting for the vet to arrive I decided to check around for anything toxic we may not have noticed. What we found,in fact, was a trail of string and a tangled ball.This was the twine I use for lining up fence posts and must have been hidden in the long grass. My guess is he had swallowed a length of it. I checked again now suspecting what to look for,but nothing to see.
Anyway the vet arrived and  he's had various injections. Muscle relaxants,anti inflammatorys and what seemed like a bucket full of some oral drench which the poor mite obviously had difficulty swallowing and as a consequence a lot of it was spat or coughed over me.
It's now two in the morning and I've done the last check on him. Very drowsy, too drugged to move away so just a pathetic squeak as I stroked him goodnight. Hope he's ok in the morning.

Right, I still stink of alpaca juices and need another wash.Luckily the boilers mended and we now have hot water. Forgot to mention that one.!


  1. Yep...that definitely counts as 'one of those days'!...hope he is much better this morning.


  2. Yes, the world is against you once in a while. Hope the boy is ok.

  3. Hope he's ok now, poor chap! Haven't yet looked at our show photos so hopefully we'll have some to share...maybe only our alpacas though...can't remember if we took any of their dads... winning all the prizes! Gary took plenty so fingers crossed that between us we have something, apart from all those rosettes and cups, to remind you of the day!