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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mayenne weekend

Ahh bliss. Home alone. Wifes away alpaca sitting for a few days at' La grand mere' so the music is up a few volume notches and no dissaproving comments to be heard.
Spring seems to have sprung and we enjoying some great weather at the moment. It's amazing the difference a bit of sunshine does. A tonic for the soul, fueling the incentive to get on with the endless list of jobs 'pending'.which, after seven years hasn't got any shorter!
We did manage our first weekend away for some time though albeit mixing business with pleasure as we delivered a couple of alpacas to Ian and Karen in the Mayenne. Our plan for an early start was scuppered as the electricity supply blew just as we were about to go,and not thinking it very fair to leave Jake in the dark all weekend had to get an electrician sorted before we went.
We arrived at Chailland just in time for lunch. Jake had rang.The electrician had been and gone. I had left a blank cheque fearing the worst. It was the kettle shorting out the circuit. The bill? Five euros! FIVE euros.
I think I'll use him again!
After the alpacas were settled in we were treated to home made elderflower cordial, home made bread,home made moussaka,home made lentil and cheese loaf,home made cherry wine, and home made bakewell tart.
Very scrummy. They had embraced the self sufficiency ideal to an envious degree. How do you find the time?

As we were in the area we paid a visit on Clare at Atlantis Alpacas where we were once again wined and dined.
The food was excellent. She would be the first to admit it wasn't all home made but guess what? The dinner service was! and all emblazened with alpacas.How's that for oneupmanship.(Is that a word?)
We talked alpacas into the small hours and retired to a four poster bed passed down through family generations.

Sunday morning,after breakfast we made our way into Normandy for a surprise visit on Norman and Orla at Vaux Hardys and arrived,you guessed it,just in time for lunch!
Things are back to normal now. Jayne's cooked a big pot of curried stew. She said.
"I've made this so you can warm it up for yourself whilst I'm away at Judi's"
"Great,was is it, beef,?"
"Well sort of, - you know thoose packs you can buy in the supermarket marked  'consommation animal seulement ' "
"Dog food?"
"No it's alright it's just the bits they trim off when making up the joints"
"You won't be having any then ?"
"No, Judi's got me some food in"
"Well, thanks babe. How thoughtful"
Think I'll ring Karen and go back and check on the alpacas .If I play my cards right I can get there about lunchtime.!

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  1. Ahh, that's nice. You'll be glad to know the boys have settled in and are enjoying the freedom of the whole field. They're still looking cute and eating grass so we're very happy!
    Karen and Ian