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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A helping hand

Every student of a certain age here in France has to work a "stage" A week off from their usual studies and they go out into the big wide world and find an employer that is willing to take them on for a week and let them discover what goes on in their chosen trade.
Our own N° 2 son did his last year at a boutique in Pontivy. Not being of an extrovert personality we thought that being put in a position where he had to engage with the public would  help develop his people/conversational skills.
I'm sure it did to a degree, although his study of the retail clothing trade seemed to be mainly re-folding jumpers!
No surprise then that a 'stageire' whoose chosen career for a week was Alpaca Farming should discover that the alpaca equivalent of folding jumpers is, i'm afraid -- poo picking!

This is Djill Coutiez. No stranger to Quelvehin as it happens. She was born here!( We bought the property from her parents) and hadn't seen her for some time. So when she asked if she could do her stage here we agreed.
Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view I spent the week away working on a building project so it was left to Jayne to instruct and educate.
A week is a long time when it's one on one especially in a foreign language, and they managed to cover most things including medication,fleece skirting,halter training etc..;
A good Stage presentation goes a long way to acheiving your BAC apparently and she wants to come back for three weeks in June when most of the cria will be born.

Also, I am reliably informed she is a very efficient poo picker so that's a bonus!

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  1. Three weeks in June...that's a lot of time poo picking in French ! Maybe you should go on holiday?! Speak soon!