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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pontivy Show Time

Well it wasn't exactly the Alpaca Futurity but another weekend spent spreading the good word at the Pontivy Festival of Animals. A two day event featuring everything from snakes to horses. There was an international Cat show in half of the hall with some very strange felines on display. I'm sorry but I can't get gooey over a cat with no fur! Some very well trained donkeys seemed to be the stars of the show doing almost all the tricks you would expect of a dog including rolling over to have its tummy rubbed.

There was also the usual pony rides and a display by a team of sled pulling Huskies although the skis were replaced with wheels owing to the lack of snow.

The last couple of hours on the Sunday and the alpacas were ready to go home. They let you know by waiting by the entry gate to the pen and humming loudly. Dinnadin was so fed up he slumped his head on Daniels back. The alpaca equivalent of of big sigh.
There's only so many photo shoots one can take!


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