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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Births and birthdays

Finally at 2 days off a full year our first cria of the year arrived.  A beautiful Columbus girl from La Grand Mere Blossom.  Needed a little help this one as she got stuck but after abit of intervention hit the ground at 7.2 K, which surprised me as I was expecting a whopper given Blossom's body score.
Although now a week old she is still unnamed which is why I hadn't blogged until now.  Fact is this year we are on 'K's and the senior Partner says its his turn to choose the name, so despite several suggestions from myself and  other interested parties (namely Judi), she is still referred to as 'the cria'.
So here she is  -  The Cria !

There is something quite magical about a newborn, brilliant, crispy white cria running around a field of tired, shabby fleeces that are more than ready to come off.  The last week the girls have all been sitting around the water bucket, willing it to jump out and splash them.  Today, however, it is a different story.  One day off shearing and it is raining cats and dogs.  With no barn here we are now faced with a familiar problem - 'will it rain tomorrow and how are we going to keep them dry overnight' - the forecast is better tomorrow but wet fleeces don't shear.  So far the last five years we have been lucky, could our luck have run out this year, watch this space.


All this rain is a world apart from the weather at the end of May 21 years ago, when we were in the middle of a heat wave.  I remember  it all too well as I was very heavily pregnant with our youngest son Jake, who will be 21 this Saturday -  how time flys and how life changes.
You know when they have grown up when :-
Letters arrive in their name ! some of them bills !
When the phone rings, someone asks for Mr Parker and they don't want your husband !
When they complain about the price of petrol !
When they buy a pair of shoes from a cheap shop that when you were paying they refused to go in !
When the only time you know where they are  is when their car is stood outside !
and when they tell you they are having their 21st birthday party at their girlfriends house because her parents are not there this weekend !
However, you know they are still your baby when they say, '... but you will make me a birthday cake won't you Mum,  as you've always made me one and it won't be the same without one !'   arrh bless !
Come to think of it  - it took a week to name him !!





  1. You have to name her...what will you do when Hannah has hers...Kria 1, Kria 2....?! Come on, look sharp and let us know what you choose!

    Happy Birthday Jake...hope the...(alpaca shaped?).. cake is/was good!

  2. When will it be my turn to name an alpaca? Or a sibling?