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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers pride

Sometimes I find myself apologizing to the non alpaca breeders for a blog that is almost all alpaca chatter, but this blog will be of no interest to those readers, so for those of you who were looking for your next  alpaca fix sorry, this one is not for you !!
Regular  followers of this blog may have, from time to time, seen we have someone  clicking on from Baja California or comments on the blog from No.1  son and those of you that know us well will no doubt realize this is our eldest son Josh who at the tender age of 18, packed his suitcase, and went to work and study in Mexico, a third world country !  or so we are led to believe.

Josh left France to study for his language degree six years ago and since then has gone from strength to strength.  He now works and teaches for the university in Ensenada  and does interpreting and translation work in both French and English.  Here he is interpreting for an International conference, not quite the U.N. but give him time.
As a parent I think that the most difficult thing we have to do is to let go, it is always hard to say goodbye to your child after 18 years but when they are getting on a plane at Nantes airport, waving you goodbye through the passport control window and you are trying to look cool, waving back and being casual - boy it is hard.  Skype is a wonderful thing and we are able to communicate on a regular basis, but there are times when you feel you are not fulfilling your parental duties.  When they are ill because they have once again eaten something off the street stalls in Mexicali (hope I have spelt that right), at Christmas and birthdays, or as in this week when they send you their photographs taken at their graduation ceremony.

They say that Pride is one of the deadly sins, well then I am just going to have to add it to  my  list of other deadly sins as Josh passed this degree with honors and we are both extremely proud of him and  what he has achieved.   So many congratulations Josh  from all your family this side of the world, we all love and miss you.
Oh and just one thing .... do you think Mexico might be interested in this one too ? !!



  1. This blog brought a tear to my eye (you know what a softy I am!). You both have every reason and are fully entitled to be proud of Josh. He has changed from a very special boy into an incredible man and that is largely down to you two. Angela x

  2. LOL regards to my mate.

  3. I was sooo disappointed when I opened this post...surely the title suggested that Blossoms cria had arrived...?!

    However...congratulations's onwards and upwards now!

    1. I think Blossom will explode before giving birth !