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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cute and tender moments

Right on time, the second suri of the year arrived on Sunday.  Finesse, who was due on the 21st July, delivered her cria first thing sunday morning as planned, if only they were all so reliable.  Another Moonsbrook Cosmos boy called Kirikou.  The name was chosen by one of our gite guests, a Parisian family, originally from Syria, who have booked  for the entire 6 week period.  I thought the name was Arabic but in fact, I think it comes from an old African folk tale.

He must have been a bit squashed in the oven as his legs were a bit wonkey and he was having trouble working them. So he spent the first day with them bandaged up which seemed to help him with stability.
Bandages off today , he has been running with the herd and making new friends.

There have been  many moments when I have spotted something in the field and wished I'd had a  camera with me.  Today was one of those moments when I did.  Busy taking cute pictures of Kirikou I noticed Bali and her cria from last year, Janine, sitting in the dust pit trying to keep cool.  The flys have been out in force the last couple of days and driving them all mad buzzing around their heads.  It took me a little while to work out what she was doing, but then I realised.  Ever minute or so she rubbed her head across Janine's neck and head, chasing the flys off.


Although long sinced weaned,  with Bali ,once a daughter always a daughter .


  1. We all knew that, underneath her tough exterior, Bali is a sweetie after all! Delightful pictures capturing the moment!

  2. I like the beard on Kirikou, good sign....