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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Abracadabra - Bella pulls another one out of the hat !

We were pretty sure this year that with all the time we were spending out there in the field, Bella would not be able to produce her six cria unannounced,  but we were wrong !  two weeks early, during a 20 minute departure from the field while Steve collected the first load of this years hay and I was over the other side of the farm, she managed not just to give birth, but get it up,  dressed and fed, and then  delivered the after birth  as well.  We didn't even know she was in labour !

Remember this ..........

and then this ........

Well  we have been waiting all year to see the result and here it is  Popham Ambersun Soloman's first cria !
A beautiful dark fawn boy with a pedigree that includes names like Highlander, Benleigh Cosmos, Auzengate, Jolimont Conquistador, Jolimont Warrior and Accoyo Osobali,  - no pressure lad  !!
Although now nearly nine years old, Bella is most definately our very best female.  They say that everything is for sale in the field at a price,  Popham Bella is one we would not part with, definately one of the senior partners better buys.


  1. Congratulations, a handsome lad with a great deal to live up to!

  2. Another lovely to add to your wonderful field of alpacas.