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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fanny and her Prince

First thing this morning saw the second royal birth of the year.  Princess Fanny Ann, her who only eats out of her own personalized bucket away from the rest of the riff raff, gave birth to her little Prince, Prince Khan. Another Columbus boy.  This is the second female who gave birth exactly on the due date although I have to admit she has been having  us on for the last fortnight - but that's Fanny for you. 

We have quite a little gang now so thought I would take a few pictures.
Kushti, turning into quite a stunning little suri.
Kane, our little Daniel boy, Jury is still out as to whether he is Bay Black or Brown, he will probably change when he gets to 6 years old , like his Dad.
Beautiful Kylie, spot the spots !
and my favourite this year - Keiser, our Soloman boy.  On further inspection he has turned out to be mid Brown very surprising considering his mother is white and Soloman is mid fawn.
Kirikou, Kushti and Keiser
One more female left on the maternity wing,  due in September, bit short on girls this year so fingers crossed we finish the year off with a female.

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