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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kylie - she should be so spotty ;;;

Yesterday the cria we have been patiently waiting for arrived.  Two years go we bought a lovely fawn female called Tia who was sired by Popham camouflage, an appaloosa, and although we knew there was only a slight chance that she herself would produce an appaloosa, well, one can but hope.  When I first saw the dark fawn head and feet sticking out ,  I thought, oh well never mind, maybe next time, Tia took quite a while to deliver the rest, as a leg was twisted and I had to manipulate it free.  A little girl, great, and a lovely deep dark fawn. She had loads of energy and was soon up and running around the field ..... drying out !

As she started drying out I could see patches of a darker colour.  At first I thought it was my imagination but by the time Steve arrived home, it was obvious she had some spots and not just that she had a whiplash across her back.
Here she is, meet Kylie.

I have been looking on the net and I see there are all sorts of spotted patterns and colours that fall under the appaloosa umbrella.  So I really don't know. I have to say that if she is an appaloosa I feel somewhat cheated.  Lovely as she is, I sort of expected something like this ......
or this .......
but instead we got this .....
Is she an appaloosa - I've no idea ! but she is still cute


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  1. There's no pleasing some people!! Of course she is.....