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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Emperors and Princes

Well it’s been a busy week again here with matings and non matings. The alpaca formerly known as Prince unfortunately didn’t live up to his names-sakes sexual prowess and failed miserably on that front. He has gone back to Michelle and Odiles. So it was up to Caesar to do the deed on our last female which was probably for the best as he is a much superior male, but sometimes you just fancy a bit of grey! Anyway, just in the nick of time it seems as we have sold Caesar today. He began his eight hour journey to department 54 first thing this morning. He will be the main stud male for a herd of 10 coloured females for Michael Matthieu in the Moselle.
It’s a bit sad in a way, like loosing a member of the family but another fine Popham male is ready to fill his place .Da Vinci has been watching and learning and I believe he is now ready to work after climbing the mating pen to join in the fun.


  1. The site looks great and so do the alpacas especially the black boy. Well done on Caesar.

    hope this message works.


  2. I get the nmessage on but stuff up my url !!!!