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Monday, June 1, 2009

Groupement des Eleveurs d'Alpagas de Bretagne

Gathered under the newly formed umbrella which is the "Groupement des Eleveurs d'Alpagas de Bretagne" and consisting of Nina(Achnad Alpagas) Enid (Breizh Alpagas) Robin & Linda (Utopian Alpagas) Norman & Orla (Vaux Hardys Alpagas) and ourselves we assembled on our products stand for a photo.The show seemed to go very well, and there are now a few thousand more people that understand a bit more about alpacas. It was very well supported with a non-stop stream of visitors throughout the three days.
Lots of information leaflets were given out and lots of patting and prodding of alpacas.They are such tolerent creatures.Although they didn't show it they must have been really peed off by the end of each day.
Marie-Genevieve and Gabi of Alpaga developpement came along for support on the Friday.An admirable commitment considering the distances travelled.And 'bravo' and 'merci' to Jacques Olivier for his impromptu handling of the microphone in the parade ring.

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