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Saturday, June 6, 2009

lumpy jaw and the prince

We have a new lodger at Quelvehin this week. The alpaca formally known as Prince is in residence.
He is a five year old medium grey with an identity problem. You see he has only ever known the company of llamas and behaves quite differently to the other boys. Whilst the others just look up when you open the field gate, he runs headlong towards you at full speed. Just when you think you are about to be skittled he applies the brakes and stops a few feet away, clucking and chattering his teeth. He is very gentle though, and walks beautifully on a halter, just like I imagine a llama would.
We still have one female open at the moment and are considering him as a suitor.
Monday, we had a bit of a scare; Bella a particularly nice huacaya of ours had a swollen face. She has caught us out a couple of times before, and has a habit of sometimes storing food in her cheek pouch like a hamster, but this was different. All the underside of her jaw was swollen and ‘jelly like’. My first fear was an abscess but there was no lump to be found. The vet was called. He arrived ‘tout suite’ said it wasn’t an abscess but most likely a sting or a bite.Anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory were given. 100 euros please.
I didn’t know whether to be relieved or miffed that I had called him out on a bank holiday, which, for anyone here that doesn’t know (and I didn’t) is double time!
She was perfectly normal again the next morning.
Jayne and Patsie are giving another spinning course on Tuesday next week. (There is still one place left if anyone is interested) So I guess it’ll be my turn for poo picking.
If anybody wants a poo picking course? of charge.


  1. we have see a lot of this type swelling under the jaw, we throught it has a bite too, but it turns out its 'petit douve' a small fluke worm which most wormers don't kill, the only one which does is Dovenix. The animals only show the sign of the jelly like jaw lump when they are badly infected, most of the others will just loss weight. Note is can be fatal (we have loss cows,goats and sheep to this parasites)