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Friday, December 18, 2009

Bloody Computers

We awoke to a winter wonderland this morning. Loads of snow and thundering at the same time!I don't think I've ever known that before.

Michel Decker from La Ferme du Lama Gourmand in Lavigney Dept 70 close to the Swiss border had stayed the night and we loaded his alpaca at first light ready for his long trip back. We were a bit concerned about undertaking such a journey in these conditions but undeterred he waved us goodbye and promptly slid backwards on the grass, wheels spinning. Unfamiliar with the grounds. I guess he didn't know the grass from the gravel. It all looks the same when covered in snow. After a bit of pushing and shoving he got enough momentum to go on.

We had a call this evening to say he had arrived home safe and sound.

After replenishing the hay and breaking the ice on the water bins there was little else to do on such a day.

A perfect opportunity to update the web-site sales and stud pages.

Well,I should have stayed out in the snow. After about six hours and much swearing and pulling of hair I managed to add two animals (badly), change one and accidently delete a stud male when I should have added one, and a couple of other entries have just disappeared into the ethos!Images won't upload because they have been cropped,text and fonts all mixed up and pictures that just put themselves randomly wherever they feel like it.

Twenty Benson & Hedges later I threw the keyboard at the wall and took the dog for a walk.

If you should read this Joe (Brittany internet services) Denham. Consider this a plea for Help.

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