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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Washed out

We have had a busy few days with Gary and Felicia from Pophams staying over after delivering us some alpacas on Thursday. We managed a trip to Vannes inbetween alpaca jobs. It's amazing to note the difference between here and the UK. It's only three weeks to Christmas yet Vannes was pretty well deserted and some of the shops closed for business. All a bit gloomy really, and a far cry from the bustling crowds I remember from Leicester city centre at this time of year! Still, not being a natural 'shopper' it suited me. I always enjoy the splender of the buildings over the contents of the shops.
Our first puppy has been reserved today. Sally Stone of Les Bon Voisins had the pick of the litter, not that it was much of a choice as they are all peas in a pod!
The rain last night was horrendous and actually kept me awake. The wheelbarrow was still outside the door from bringing in the logs and it was almost full of water,which gives you some idea of the amount that fell. The polytunnel polythene has torn again over a third hoop so now is officially beyond repair.
I was hoping to post a picture of the new alpaca arrivals but they must have spent the night out of the shelter and looked like drowned rats this morning.

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