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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quelvehin alpacas contribution to fossil fuel reduction quotas

Winter arrived today. The miserable wet drizzle we seem to have been stuck with for ages has gone,thank goodness. It has turned dry and cold.Much better,and we even had ten minutes of snow this afternoon. Time to test our latest venture. Alpaca poo brickettes.

Being blessed with a few tons of alpaca dung (there's only so much you can put on the roses) we are experimenting with compressing it into bricks,and letting it dry out fully.It really makes the most excellent fuel for the fire.Burning hot and slow rather like coal. How eco-friendly is that?!

The only snag with this amazing Bio innovation is volunteers to knock up a couple of hundred are a bit thin on the ground.

Da Vinci,a long standing favourite alpaca was sold today. He will be leaving us for pastures new after Christmas, but staying in Brittany not too far away, and making way for the venerable Popham Columbus who will be standing at stud here next spring.

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