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Monday, June 14, 2010

All legs and raincoat

One week old and still hanging on. Hope continues to pull at our heart strings, laying comatose for long periods of time, and then, just as we give up on her, she has a dogged determination to live and gets up and totters about. Today has been her best day yet with more time spent awake and alert. She is attempting to suckle from mum and is starting to become more wary of us which is good.


  1. Well done for getting little Hope so far. You've cared for her so well that she just MUST pull through. With fingers..and everything else crossed, we'll be watching little Hope's progress.

  2. Sorry not to have been in contact for a week or so -oh my god is the only phrase I can think of - I wish you all the best and Hope could not be in better hands I'm sure.

  3. She certainly looks strong enough....fingers crossed. G&F