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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

and another one

Cria number four popped into the Quelvehin troupe this afternoon almost unnoticed .This was typical of Bella,the most casual of mums! All the cria she has given us have just appeared as if by magic.Washed and dressed and with a full belly. Never any indication of it's likely arrival.
A boy this time, 8 kilos of chocolate brown, out of Daniel, and looking just like his dad.
We are so pleased with our lot this year. It was our intention to try to put colours into the herd with our matings last season and it's all worked perfectly.
Hope,our 5 week early girl has truly found her legs now and has been pronking around the paddock with a somewhat happier mother. We shall stop her antibiotics after tomorrow then the real test starts for her immune system. Fingers crossed.


  1. Great news about Hope, well done. Another brown, seems to be the 'in' colour this year!

  2. I've heard od Belted Galloways, how about Belted Alpacas. Daniel must be strong in his colour genes to produce that out of a white. Lovely looking head as well.
    Well done on this years group.

  3. Yeah ok ,so he's got a black stripe round his belly.Looks fine today.....
    With his cria coat on.

  4. Well done you two! Hope Bonheur gives us such a lovely Daniel cria...can't wait and nor can she! Great news that Hope is still doing ok.

  5. Ok I can't tell a lie. I was backing the Harley out of the garage and well....
    I just didn't see him lying there.