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Thursday, June 10, 2010

A weekend away

This weekend was supposed to be my long weekend away in Normandy. An annual event always held this time of year. A motor biking jaunt where I meet old pals from the UK, and we take over a b&b near Avranches. The’ Val de see’ run by Pat and Clive Beresford is the most wonderful place to stay. Great hosts, great food and a caverness wine cellar. It’s something we’ve done for ten years or more and long may it continue.

The problem is it’s always fallen on number two sons birthday and I’ve never been at home for it. This year was his eighteenth so I missed the Friday part of the trip and we had a birthday bash in the garden.

Also I had noticed a female alpaca looking a little ‘off colour’ and not being her usual self and thought it best to keep an eye on her. By Saturday morning she was worse spending most of her time in a ‘going to the toilet’ stance or sitting alone. The vet had been called and decided it was probably colic and gave her something for the pain. By the late afternoon she seemed to have improved a lot and Saturday evening I saddled up the Harley hoping to get to Avranches in time for dinner.

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