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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I was awoken Sunday morning in my favorite guest house, still in the ‘recovery position’ from the evening’s excesses. “Jayne was on the phone” Pat said.

Biscuit had aborted her cria. There was nothing I could do from Normandy so it was decided I should have my ‘ride out’ and return home Sunday evening instead of Monday.

Upon my return the whole story unfolded. Not only had she aborted but this was followed at lunchtime by a prolapsed womb which the vet had to manipulate back into her and keep in place with big safety pins. Jake was a great help holding the animal and keeping things clean and translating the more complicated bits of the operation.

He only went and spoilt himself by asking how she was going to poo through the pinned up hole?

“Er, that’s a different hole Jake. I thought you were eighteen this week!”

But that’s not all, whilst all Bicuits bits were being re-instated in their rightful place Cochiti, another female, now well overdue and only one day short of a full years gestation decided that, with the gaffer away and everybody’s attention diverted it was time to unpack and promptly gave birth to a whopping great cria of more than ten kilos!

It was another girl and an absolute carbon copy of its mother, fawn with a white fringe and nose.

As we are on H’s this year and had waited so long for this one I suggested Hallelujah would be an appropriate name, but common sense prevailed and we have named her Heidi.

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