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Monday, August 24, 2009

Danger Ferocious Animals

I've had my arm bitten right off by a savage man-eating alpaca this afternoon.The stud male,who had recently killed next doors Rottweiler has now been humanely destroyed.

There,now that's got your attention.

Jayne said my last two blog entries were decidedly dull and lacking.

Well,I'm sorry but it was very late at night,I was very tired, and it's not easy for a one finger typist.Sometimes the words come into the head but by the time the finger has found all the relevant keys they fade away again.Especially when you're tired.

Today's opening paragraph is not without some relevance however following the bizarre story in the English press today.Exactly what did happen to Bob Rawlins at Wellground alpacas remains to be told,but I'm certain he wasn't savaged by an alpaca! My guess is a typical over sensationalised story by journalists with little regard for the knock on effects to peoples livelihoods.Don't these people consider the repercussions?I await the full story with interest.

I took a few more photos of the new suri cria today (who still has no name) but it was raining and they are not very good,so instead here's a picture of Angove pretending to be vicious!

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