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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quelvehin Ghost

Utopian Chaucers cria now has a name.As I said in a previous posting we were not around for the birth and Jake our youngest son,and ever so helpful farmhand was the only one present for the arrival.Now Jake doesn't wonder very far from his bedroom normally and certainly not before midday, so to be left on 'alpaca watch' and have a birth to cope with was a bit of a traumatic event for him. I had a mobile with me of course but the Fete that we were attending with the alpacas had us positioned quite close to the live musicians(and I use the term loosely,as I'm not a big fan of screeching Breton pipes) and didn't hear the calls or pick up on the eleven increasingly anxious text messages.Starting with "Dad do alpacas stand up or lie down to have a baby?" to "PICK UP THE BLOODY PHONE. IF THIS DIES IT'S NOT MY FAULT!!"

He coped all alone,and by the time I had discovered the calls and got home it was scampering a cria coat? On what was probably the hottest day of the year! Bless him.

So anyway, He felt it was his right,as midwife in charge,to name the baby.

His choice....'Ghost'

Quelvehin Ghost. Um, I suppose it has a certain ring to it.

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